What’s on TV?

I’ve been uninspired the last few weeks and I’m not exactly sure why. Not doing anything exciting, not wearing anything exciting. TBH, I really can’t be bothered much beyond the Netflix and Prime! That being said, here are a few gems I’ve found and totally enjoyed for a good binge:

Netflix (roughly £7.50/month with the first month free):

Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events – the new series with Neil Patrick Harris is quite clever even if you don’t have kids. The theme song is super catchy too, and apparently, there will be more than 1 season! Look away…

iZombie – as a TV show on the CW in the US, I found it here on Netflix and was hooked. Cute spin on a zombie theme that seems to be everywhere now. The downside is being held hostage to the schedule in the US! Worthy of a binge for sure.

Unbreakable Kimmie Schmidt – hilarious. There are no ways to describe how camp this show is. Two seasons so far and soon you will be on the #hashbrown bandwagon!

Pretty Little Liars – again, a TV show from the US I was hooked on before I moved and glad it’s on here! Totally binge-worthy and cheesy and I love every bit of it! And if you can figure out who “A” is…

Shawshank Redemption – by far one of the best movies. Ever. Period. I can watch it a million times and it’s perfect.

Designated Survivor – a “what if” TV show from the US. And a nice President. Damn it being new and subject to US scheduling (so it takes time off for dumb things like holidays, inaugurations, etc.) so new episodes won’t be back until March (giving you time to catch up now). But it airs the day after the US so you aren’t missing too much.

And on Amazon Prime (£79/year but you get movies, videos, free shipping on all your Amazon orders, 1 free book rental per month, etc.):

Man in the High Castle – sci-fi of what if Germany won the war? Somehow I missed reading this book in high school, but they’ve turned it into a series (2 seasons so far) and lots filming was in/near Rosyln, Washington – not far from where I used to live and about 1.5hrs from Amazon HQ.

Midnight in Paris – I hate Woody Allen movies. Hate. This is the only one I’ve ever liked and I’ve watched it again and again. Something sweet and endearing. And you’ll hate Owen Wilson’s wife too…

Man Up – a Simon Pegg movie. Loved him since Shawn of the Dead. Again, filmed locally throughout London. Just a fun, nice movie.

The Collection – with Richard Coyle (remember Jeff from Coupling???) about a fashion house in post-war Paris. So far only one season in, but it’s interesting.

Turn (Washington’s Spies) – another US-based TV show on AMC (same network that does Walking Dead, Mad Men, etc.) but this is on the American Revolution. If you like period drama…it takes a bit to get into, and obviously, there are historic liberties but it’s about the spies and “double agents” that helped the patriots defeat the British. The series goes back & forth between New York and Philadelphia, but the New York scenes make me wonder – because the Long Island I grew up on looks nothing like it did 250 years ago and there are very, very few buildings left from that period in American history!





Let There Be (Dorset Apple) Cake!

Mmmmm…cake. I’m a pastry addict. Cake, pies, assorted pastries, doughnuts, etc. This came from the Waitrose Weekend paper a few weeks ago. It doesn’t *quite* look as nice as the picture that was attached to the recipe, but it certainly tasted good with a cup of tea (or ten). Next time, I’m going to eliminate about 90% of the sugar topping – it was way too much. Other than that, it hits the mark (for me) for a great autumn dessert since I love almost anything with apples.

Winter is Coming

No really, it is, on 21 December. I’m guessing it will try and creep its way in on and off from the end of October. For most dogs, if you need a coat, they need a coat. Granted, a husky may be more amenable to freezing temperatures, but at a bare minimum, every dog wants to stay dry in the rain, right? All dogs should at least have some basic protection from the rain – plus it’s less to clean up and wipe down after those morning and evening walks.

Greyhounds do not fit “off the rack” coats that most people would get from a local pet shop due to their unique body shape. Narrow bodies, thick necks, long backs, and deep chests make store bought coats impossible. Anything long enough will be too wide or too tight in the chest; fitted in the chest will be too short and barely go half-way down the spine. I will try and spare you my obsession of colour-coordinating and assigning a “colour” to each dog…


Voyagers K9 coats (top to bottom): winter coat, tummy warmer/housecoat, rain coat

My go-to coat source is Voyagers K9 Apparel in Minnesota. Voyagers makes custom fit coats for greyhounds, whippets, and a number of other breeds so the coat you get will fit your dog. They can even whip up custom coats for your mixed-breed and do custom colours to suit your university or favourite sports team! The prices and quality are excellent, and they all wash up very well if your dogs happen to get muddy like mine. The only downside if you live in the UK is the cost of shipping from the US.

In the UK, there are good choices and brands of custom fit coats for greyhounds, lurchers, whippets, and the like. When I first got Angus, I ordered him a raincoat from GreytSweaters who make custom fit coats for greyhounds and whippets. His is a really bright orange colour you can see from a distance (important when your dog’s natural colouring is cammo), trimmed nicely, and very well made overall. The only thing that’s a bit tough is that because Angus is a very “thick” muscular dog, the neck on the coat could be about 1-2″ wider. For a normal greyhound, it should be fine.



GreytSweaters orange raincoat


AK Creations makes lovely custom-fit winter coats, raincoats, and housecoats for greyhounds in a variety of colour options. For standard sized dogs, if you want a coat that can handle the brambles and wet of a countryside walk, I’d chose Barbour. Their dog coats are made from the same waxed canvas as the coat in your closet, so you know it will last season after season. Again, value for money. Mine have their coats and barring some weird accident, they should last for years and years.

And because it gets darker sooner, don’t forget to clip a blinking light to your dog’s collar and/or leash for evening walks! Most can be found cheap for under £5 at the local pet shop or outdoor store. Use them year after year as they only take cheap watch batteries. A safety yellow or hunter orange vest is also a good idea if you’re out in the countryside for daytime walks! The fit on the vests doesn’t have to be perfect as long as your dog can be spotted in the distance; they normally come in stretchy lycra or mesh material with or without velcro closures.


After much contemplation, I finally decided to start a (new) blog. I had a tiny blog, years ago when blog posting was in its infancy and long before Facebook and other social media became popular. It faded after so many changes in my life, but I have decided to revive it here with a new focus and direction. Life changes, right?

So why “covered in dog fluff?” It is, literally, the story of my life at this point. I am always covered in it. I had cats for years, and now, I have greyhounds. Three greyhounds. Specifically, two white greyhounds. White greyhounds that shed more than a Persian cat in July. White greyhounds that leave me constantly battling fluff all over my house and everything I own! All. The. Time.

How do you have nice things when you’re always covered in fluff? How do you try and get dressed in the morning (wearing black or dark clothes) when you’re covered in fluff so embedded it is impossible to remove with a lint roller?

Fluff aside, products here are things I like, love, and actually use. Trips are places I have been and recommend. Clothes and living are things I like, think are practical, or just new adventures and, hopefully, a good value for the money. Food is picky, often simple, generally comforting, mostly healthy, and not at all trendy. There are even days when sustenance is just a sack of liquorice and copious amounts of very strong black tea!

So, grab a cup of your favourite whatever, even while you multi-task on other things, and enjoy…




Left to Right: Angus, Flash, and Ruby


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