City Techie – the results


Here are (some of) the photos from the workshop I took at Apple Covent Garden store today! I learned a few new tips & tricks for the phone I never knew about previously – which came in handy. I was really impressed with the 4 gentlemen from Apple who guided about 10 of us around various locations near Covent Garden (and answered all our questions), and I got a tonne of pictures!


On the ghost front, I learned there are lots that haunt the theatre district, including WWI soldiers, a man who was stabbed to death, severed heads, Charles Dickens’ old publishing warehouse, Diagon Allen (yep, like from Harry Potter), and so much more! It made for a very interesting time too, because our little group was out on a rather balmy Saturday with typical London scenes, tourists, the theatre crowds in the evening, AND all the Halloween craziness I never thought I’d see outside the US!

Extra bonus – the city walk tour/workshop is not a one-off! Apparently, Apple does these events at least twice a month and so does the shop on Regent Street; Cambridge is starting them too! The next one is a Charles Dickens theme on 2 November! (I sooooo wish I was able to go but I’m packing for a trip to the US!)



London from the Waterloo Bridge at dusk




City Techie


I am not the most technology proficient person, but I do pretty well in a pinch. At times, I’m surprised I’m doing ok with this blog!

That being said, one thing over the last five years or so has been all of the FREE classes and workshops offered by the Apple Store.  The Apple Store in Bellevue (Washington) was my BFF for about 2 years and now, living half way between Cambridge and London, I generally go to the Cambridge store for all my needs. It’s much less hassle than trekking into the city unless I’m doing other things that day.

The peeps at the Apple Store have been invaluable in helping me learn how to do all sorts of things – from organising photos to even doing simple stuff like setting up email (which worked a bit differently than what I’d been used to for years). Sadly, they’ve done away with the one-to-one program, but I still sign up for workshops that interest me! It is FREE! Recently I’ve learned how to use Pages (Apple’s version of Word) and taken more advanced photo classes in the general workshops.

But the other day, I was looking up something for my dad and found this:


Ghost stories, London, photos = excellent! No other store in London seems to be doing a similar even so this should be fun! Honestly, I don’t know if the Microsoft Stores offer similar programs, but if they do, it’s worth checking out if you use their products over Apple.

Stay tuned…


This post is not sponsored by Apple in any way. They just happen to be my product of choice and I’ve found their workshops very helpful for a beginning/intermediate level user such as myself. All photos have been taken from the Apple UK website & credit belongs to them!

Saturday Morning Greyhounds


Always having a large yard in the US, such a commodity is rare in the UK at my price point. Accordingly, I rent a paddock for my dogs to run that’s about 15 miles from my house and we go every Saturday morning, rain or shine. (I personally don’t think it’s far, but to most people in the UK, driving about 30min isn’t necessarily common practice.)

Greyhounds typically sleep more than they exercise, but having this field is a great opportunity to practice off-leash recall and to let the boys get a really great run in, even if it seems like they spend 99% of the time we’re there eating grass like a bunch of cows. Sadly, no matter how much running they do, they don’t get as tired as I would like. Ruby rarely goes with us because she 1) hates riding in the car with the boys and 2) she can be a fair-weather dog and will refuse to interact with nature unless it’s on her terms.

The field has also been a place I’ve tried out the fun photo features with my 6s Plus after I took an advanced photography workshop at my local Apple store. After taking that class, I was really intrigued by a clip-on lens for my phone they demoed, but TBH, I didn’t like the idea of paying £60 for it if I wouldn’t use it frequently. Voila! Amazon to the rescue! I found a clip on lens attachment from VicTsing at a much more reasonable £14.99! VicTsing seems like a pretty reliable brand, it has lots of good reviews (including mine) and for the price – even if it sucked or failed miserably at some point, I’m not out a ton of money. So far, it’s working great despite being a bit of a struggle to get on my phone when I want to take a picture of something quickly – rather than 2 micro-lenses, I could do with 1 and a wide angle lens from them for £16.99.