Nuts and Berries

I’m still in Las Vegas. And it’s still hot. I’m told it cools off, but I’m sceptical about exactly when that happens.

Nonetheless, sorting things in my parents’ house is a process. And one of the things to fix is the landscaping. The almond tree in the backyard is seriously out of control and almonds are starting to appear! I had to call my mom to find out exactly what I’m supposed to do with them – as they don’t look like almonds in the store. Once I got that sorted, I became acutely aware of why almonds are SO ridiculously expensive! It’s quite time-consuming, and potentially dangerous, to get those little suckers ready to eat!

In short, the almonds grow in these little fuzzy, fluffy pod things (almost soft like a peach). When they start to split/crack open, they’re ready to pick. Then, you have the almond still hiding shell, which has to be removed, before you can either eat them raw or toast them a wee bit. Apparently, I’ll be getting the ladder out to get the ones high up over the next two months if I can’t shake them down.

On to the berries…

So, I was in Trader Joe’s a few weeks ago and saw a tiny jar of “blueberry acai face scrub” for $5.99. For real, it’s like everything there is $5.99 or less! Anyway, it looked intriguing, but I passed. Back in the store the other day, I thought, meh, for $5.99, why not try it. Who doesn’t like a good exfoliator, right?

On opening the package – OMG. It’s as bluish-red as a blueberry smoothie and smells like a blueberry muffin! As in, the entire jar is filled with blueberries. Obviously, the exact percentage is unknown, but it’s the second listed ingredient so you know there’s a lot of blueberry in there. It’s also not tested on animals. It feels really nice on – so there’s that. I did use it in the shower as I was afraid with blueberries there may be potential for staining (and the packaging even warned it was possible)…

I guess my point is, try it. You have nothing to lose.