GlamGlow UK

The very nice people over at GlamGlow UK were kind enough to send me a sample of their Supermud(R) Clearing Treatment after I saw it on another blog and I thought I would give it a try. Just to be clear, GlamGlow did not ask me to write a review, but I thought since they were kind enough to send me some product, I would certainly give them my opinion and feedback. All opinions here are my own and I was not paid monetarily to write this review.

That being said, I’m in my early 40s and have super-duper sensitive skin – I can break out at the drop of a hat with some products, and despite having combo skin in my teens and 20s, suddenly at about 35yrs old, I switched from oil-free everything to regular makeup and moisturizers as my skin is now ridiculously dry. I also hate products that have a lot of fragrance. I know what I like and what I don’t – but I also love the ability (especially now) of trying something new that I may have overlooked or never heard of in the US! And…I’m having to change my moisturiser as I think it’s causing breakouts, so honestly, I was looking forward to trying this – hoping it would help clean up my skin a bit.

According to the website, the Supermud is, “[the] most advanced clearing treatment…[d]eveloped…to help fight common skin concerns. Designed for men and women…[for] super poreless looking skin.” And there are lots of personal pictures customers have submitted online. It retails for £39 on their website. Others such as Marks & Spencer,, Debenhams, and all carry it as well and some offer varying discounts.

What did I think?

My initial thought was that it smelled like black liquorice. Not my favourite, but I’m not planning on eating it. Thankfully it wasn’t overly perfumey or florally smelling! It comes out of the tube super black and dries to a grey, chalk colour. Leave it on 5-20min.

Flash forward 20min for maximum effect…



I look utterly ridiculous and can’t see without my glasses! Did I even put enough on???


Overall, I liked it. It made my skin feel really nice afterwards. I certainly think it’d be good to use at least 1x per week – like on a Friday night when I’m not doing anything! I think next time, I’ll put it on a bit thicker for sure. And because I have a travel size, I’m not sure how long a regular sized pot would last.

*do note all the stock images are trademarked/copyrighted and belong to GlamGlow


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