Mini Obsession

So, on a whim (because I need to spend more money like I need a hole in my head), I took the advice/suggestion/taunt from Kate over at and used the 20% last weekend at Marks & Spencer to buy a few things I didn’t really need. Par for the course, eh?

Ren cleanser – yep. And some Rosie for Autograph makeup. Namely, an eyeshadow palette and lip glossy (like a lipstick, but a chubby crayon). I was sceptical at first – another “model’s makeup” brand? Would it really be any good or just a celeb plugging a product? Then I went and read some reviews on other sites, and everyone seemed to have great reviews for it. Many even commented about the similarities to new cult Charlotte Tilbury but at half the cost. Even better!

I shouldn’t complain. I’m well outside my 20s or 30s but I can’t apply eyeliner to save my life, and even just a few months ago, I literally purged makeup I’d had for over 5 years that had barely been dented. Hell, I still have Bobbi Brown makeup brushes I purchased (spent a small fortune on) at Tyson’s Galleria about a year after her cult (now staple) makeup launched in the late 90s! (Let this be a lesson that when you take care of stuff, it can last forever.) Nonetheless, I do love a good lipstick/gloss/balm though as I have the world’s most chapped lips year-round.

The Rosie for Autograph makeup is also cruelty-free with the leaping bunny logo! (Hers says neither the ingredients nor the final products are tested on animals.)  Game on!

The lip glossy (£12.50) is in “supermodel smile.” I love it. The colour is perfect. It feels nice on and lasts a good while on my super chapped lips. The eyeshadow palette (£18) is in “copper gold rush.” I’m not an expert at applying eye makeup at all but the colours looked nice once applied and lasted all day for me.

I also had the M&S Pure Cotton Trenchcoat (£79) and some bow trainers (£25) – TBH a great, affordable copy of the Joshua Sanders bows for £225 less in my cart too, but I couldn’t pull the trigger. Do I need another coat or another pair of sneakers? The weather hasn’t been kind lately and I already feel like I’m not wearing enough of what’s in my closet but…

I found a black coat on Mango for £19.99 and a grey sweater for $19.99 too. Oops! Well, £20 is better than £80 right?



As always, this post is not sponsored by M&S or Mango. I made purchases based on recommendations and wanted to share with you! 


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