Gym Resolutions

Blah. New Year resolution to work out more? Nope. Lose x amount of weight? Sorta. Best way to achieve this laudable goal? New gym gear (or kit as they’d say here in the UK)! Spending a small fortune on a gym membership, package of classes, and of course clothing, is the easiest way to achieve this, right?

Well, for me it’s all well and good except I MUST put down the remote and remove myself from the Netflix, Prime, Hulu, and iPlayer for that to occur. (*laughs uncontrollably*) Since it’s supposed to snow/flurry/freeze this weekend, what better way to celebrate such a resolution than to order a bunch of workout stuff!

Affordable? The American staple of every workout gym girl and pseudo-yoga girl is Lululemon. Personally, I think it is overrated and overpriced for most items. Cultish for sure, so it ticks that box – now just go grab your Starbucks and oversized sunglasses and you should be set! Same with Sweaty Betty in the UK but I shouldn’t poke fun at either company. Both make really nice workout/gym gear for the yoga, pilates, spinning class set except it’s super pricey. Like $100/£100 for a top or pants/trousers.Too much for the majority of us who won’t make it to the gym past February. Lululemon even worked hard to resolve the rampant problem they had with “see through” pants and other quality issues about three years ago. So do we need expensive gear to leisurely walk around the park with the dog or go to the coffee shop?

Nope! As a devotee of how I can get the best value – I found Aldi and Lidl both had a great selection of gym gear at affordable prices. I made several purchases from Aldi online last week (saving me from getting up at the crack of whenever to drive to my local store when they open at 8am). A selection from Aldi:

Now, some of the items I ordered have since sold out online so it may be wise to check your local store and see if anything is left in stock. I was able to get a Zumba DVD and a fitness peanut/ball too! Everything came to less than £50 and the packaging from Aldi was perfect.

The options from Lidl were equally as good. I simply chose Aldi because I wanted to try their online order process and at this time, Lidl doesn’t offer online shopping for their weekly special buys. Once the week has passed too, you can’t view the Lidl options online either, but if you want to jump start your fitness with healthy eating, they have these options from tomorrow the 12th of January:

Having worn my new gym gear out to walk the dog and do a bit of fitness DVD at home, I can certainly say it’s nice for the amount I paid. If I become a 5-7 day a week, marathon running, intense workout type person I would certainly think I’d need to upgrade to more performance, wicking type gear for sure but for starting out – this is all perfect clothing!

In full disclosure, I’ve purchased small appliances from Aldi (food processor and kettle, both exceptional quality) and from Lidl, small baking items for the holidays (wish I’d purchased more) and more home goods. I’ve been very happy with all my purchases from both places. If your local Aldi or Lidl is out of stock, don’t fret, items like this generally come back in stock every few months though the designs, colours, or exact items may change slightly but many items have a tendency to sell out quickly so if you sign up to their respective email/online/social media notifications, you can stay up to date and maybe plan purchases accordingly.



This post is not sponsored by Aldi or Lidl in any way. All pictures are copyright/trademarked by both companies respectively.

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