To Sale or Not to Sale?

Ugh. The dreaded sale post, right? Everyone has sales going right now so where to begin. Honestly, I’m in the dilemma myself. I didn’t get clothes or anything for Christmas (spent all that cash on Bella Freud weeks earlier!) and the real question is do I really, and I mean really, really need anything? Maybe. I have carts going at five (or more!) shops online. One day, I’ll be a brave little soldier and go into the city on Boxing Day.

At home, I have, literally, 6 navy sweaters. 3 blue (not navy), 5 grey sweaters. 5 black. A pink. A burgundy/pink stripe. A cream. 3 green/olive. 2 Fair Isle (1 red, 1 cream). A YSL in a Neopolitan type stripe (pink, orange, brown) that I never wear but too leery to put in the charity bag. 4 grey sweatshirts. And the list goes on… (all of these are pretty accurate counts too). Do I need another sweater?

Same dilemma with jeans, coats/jackets, pants/trousers, shoes. I do pretty big purges when I move and have downgraded lots (though there are a few pieces I wish I hadn’t given away – which is always the case right?) and am really trying to keep things of quality that I wear ALL. THE. TIME. I always grab the same pieces from my closet.



Boden Supersoft Jumper: was £89.50, now £35.80 in navy


So before you really spend, think if you need it. Are you upgrading? Cheap polyester/acrylic/blend for something 100% cashmere, cotton, or merino?  Are you replacing items that are worn out? On the t-shirts, I certainly need that, as I find my expensive t-shirts get tiny, tiny holes right where the button on my jeans sits, which is !@£$%^&* annoying after spending £30+ for a single shirt! I don’t need to look like a homeless person with holes in my shirts. Is your white t-shirt faded and not so white anymore? Soles on your shoes worn out and the cobbler can’t help? Do you look and see you only have brown boots and could use a black pair? Always wearing pants/trousers to work and want to try a dress or vice versa?



& Other Stories Zebraic Frilled Dress: was £69, now £48



Finery London Albany Buckle Wrap Dress: was £69, now £34

Honestly, I haven’t ordered from Finery before, but I really like a number of things on their site, and I have heard great things from people who have ordered from them. Also, many items are made in the UK, which I think is a plus. The bag below is made in Italy, but when you click on the description of an item on their site, it will actually list the country, not just “imported.”



Finery London Esther Leather Bucket Bag: was £125, now £62

And I have these pants/trousers in black, but tempted to get them in navy. I’ve worn mine with Stan Smith, not heels:



Next Wide Slouch Trousers (125-378): was £25, now £12

In a nutshell, think carefully. Edit and re-edit those online bags before entering your card information and really consider if you need it. I’m still deciding. And if it sells out before I’m ready to click “buy” then TBH, I didn’t need it after all, right?





And as always, photos belong to the companies listed for copyright, trademark and all that legal stuff.



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