A few samplings of various #ootd (outfit of the day) posts that can be found over on my Instagram account. Most are everyday clothes for going nowhere special – just running around town, walking dogs, etc. I am a general jeans and t-shirt person but do have a very unhealthy habit of very expensive shoes that rarely if ever get worn. I also do not believe yoga pants/trousers should ever be worn in public unless you’re on your way to/from yoga or pilates class or out walking the dog (hence, I only own 1 pair).

Black, navy, browns, and denim pretty much dominate! And yes, I even own one of those totally country tweed field coats – which is about 15yrs old. I spent a small fortune on it (at the time, due to the exchange rate) on a very, very special trip to the UK long before I moved here. Being such a classic, I will never get rid of it.

I’m equally lucky because a dear friend is a fashion designer (high-end menswear) and he did a capsule collection a few years ago I was lucky enough to get several very limited pieces from, including the tan faux-leather jacket and the blue flat velvet pants/trousers and jacket above. I hope he decides to do these special women’s collections every few years or so!


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