The Christmas Conundrum

Everyone seems to be doing their gift suggestions at this time of year – affordable under £100, under £50, under £25 and so on. Many are repetitive, though I have found a few really unique finds that I would not have considered so bonus points there. The conundrum was whether or not to do one myself – I decided to do a complete over the top one as I didn’t want to fall into the same trap as everyone else!

That being said, as a kid, the most exciting thing was getting the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book in the mail. It was the most luxurious, extravagant, fancy catalogue I had ever seen. It came in an envelope too – not your run of the mill catalogue for sure! It smelled divine, and everything in it was surely beyond what my parents could afford (despite them having a store card) – but I WAS DETERMINED! I tabbed back pages of things I hoped for, and ever year, I got the same: the multi-coloured canvas Neiman Marcus tote bag with their script logo printed on the side. Sadly, the tote bag hasn’t appeared in the book for years 😦

If you are not familiar with Neiman Marcus, it is a Dallas, Texas-based department store that was founded in the early 1900s when oil and income suddenly boomed in Texas! The Christmas Book has been around since the 1950s, with the showcase “his and hers” gift, plus hundreds more at eye-watering prices. I’ve always been curious to know if people fight over that 1 gift… but then again, what do you buy someone who has everything and could buy anything themselves? There IS a week at Alnwick Castle, Wilson House, and Blenheim Palace for a mere $700,000 if you are so inclined…

Do you know anyone super rich who needs something to do this Christmas? Give him or her my list! Or, if you have some cash to burn… HA! My fantasy shopping bag is a whopping £275,863.87 (limited to items that can be shipped to the UK, which did, alas, leave a few things behind -ha!) Yet international orders are apparently limited to a £21,034.68. Darn.

  • Emerald bracelet £163,649.77
  • Emerald ring £108,959.62
  • Balloon dog bookends  (2) £84.14
  • Manolo Blahnik Hangisi £811.94
  • Burgundy lace dress £490.53
  • Valentino Rockstud flats £458.56
  • 12 Christmas plates £332.35
  • Laura Mercier makeup £105.17
  • Double faced cashmere coat £904.49

So, despite all that, go ahead, have a peek, and enjoy some ridiculous fantasy Christmas.


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