Dog Coats

So, about a month ago, I posted on my favourite US-based dog coat company, Voyagers K9 Apparel. The company does contests on occasion and I was lucky enough to win a new collar for Angus! And since I was going to the US anyway, I went ahead and ordered a new ORANGE fleece house coat/tummy warmer for him too. Woot! The collar and fleece were waiting for me when I arrived at my friend’s house and save me £30 in shipping/customs having it sent to the UK!

Then, I was lucky enough to have a friend win a new raincoat – also in ORANGE – and she was kind enough to gift it to me since her dogs already had coats! Guess what I had when I came home?!?! And Angus looks amaze-balls. Plus, he’s no longer cammo dog on our outdoor adventures, blending into the background. My friend is awesome for gifting the coat to him. Really. And I know he’ll have it for life.

Angus really doesn’t like wearing coats, but I do feel better knowing he’ll stay dry when it’s pouring this winter and the raincoat can easily be layered over the fleece if the temperatures really drop.


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