I’m pretty simple when it comes to perfume. But I’m also very sensitive to many fragrances. Walking by Lush makes my eyes water. Any of those “just perfume” shops at malls where 8,000 fragrances are crammed into an 8ft x 10ft space not only make my eyes water but my nose starts to run uncontrollably. Yuck. Department store cosmetics and perfume are somewhat spread out and I can take it in very small doses.

I do like classics, and simple, clean fragrances that aren’t overly “girly.”As a teenager, I loved Liz Claiborne! Remember that? I think it was probably $20 in high school which was a tonne of money! Graduated to Realities and Caylx… Chanel in college/uni… but I could never get through a bottle before the colour went off and the scent soon followed.

My new favourites are Bond No9 (Washington Square), Jo Malone (doesn’t everyone? Particularly Wood Sage & Sea Salt, Pomegranate Noir, and Strawberry Parsley), Breydo (Mojave Ghost), and if you want total immersion in a beachy, tropical getaway, by far it’s Creed’s Virgin Island Water. I had a sample bottle of it years ago in the Bahamas. I swear it smells 100% tropical and beachy. Anytime I smell it, even a hint, it makes me think of the Bahamas, suntan lotion, and Mai Tais on the beach.

But my newest love – Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black. I didn’t get it earlier this year when I was in the US, but made sure it was on my list of things to buy at Sephora this time! (WHY is there no Sephora in the UK???) When I first spotted it, there was black and white. Now there are two new fragrances – bourbon and roses. I liked the bourbon, but not as much as the black. Roses was just no. I’ll have to do another separate post on Sephora at some point, as they do ship to the UK…


The best part about all of these, is rather than purchasing a large bottle at $100/£100 or more and either deciding you don’t like it after purchase, starting to dislike it before you’re 1/2 way through the bottle, or wanting something different more frequently and without (all of) the guilt, they come in “travel” size roll-ons! I’m more into the smaller sizes – which technically cost more per ounce – but I feel like I’m using them rather than a big bottle that doesn’t seem like it’s ever used. The Elizabeth and James cost $25 and I love it…

For the record, Sephora US ( ships to the UK via BorderForce so all your customs duties/fees/VAT is included in the price which is charged in pounds. If you use Sephora France ( everything is in Euro but the selection is different from the US website. Go figure.


And as always, this post is NOT sponsored by any of the perfume makers or Sephora. Just things I like/love and wanted to share.

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