Slow Week

I was in the US this past week to renew my driver’s license and visit friends. The trip turned out to be a good time, albeit quicker than I imagined, as suddenly it was time to go home!

I flew on Virgin Atlantic this time and wow. Impressed. Maybe I was just lucky with the crew I had on my flight, but having to get up at a god-forsaken hour of the morning to catch the bus to Heathrow for an early morning flight (I wanted to be in the US at a reasonable time, as when I arrived, I still had a 3 hour – or more – drive ahead of me), the entire flight crew was friendly and pleasant. This started at check-in and lasted until we landed in Atlanta. Like, so pleasant, I actually commented to the crew about it. Something I have not done in *years.* Years! Rental car on arrival was a bit of a kerfluffle, but in the larger scheme of things, the melt-down I had was likely due to stress and being tired.

Ahhh, Atlanta. Your traffic is horrid. Horrid. For a Friday evening, it wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been, but well, yeah. And the weather – whilst somewhat expecting warmer temps, I wasn’t 100% sure it was accurate, so I still packed a few light weight sweaters and long sleeved shirts. It was almost 80F/26c when I landed. Over the weekend in South Carolina, it was about 75F/24c! Sunny. Sunny. Sunny. And not a bit of a breeze. But having fun at a dog event and the associated banquet was great!


Then Monday, driving *back* through Atlanta to Birmingham (Alabama) it was still warm. Passing through three states, however, looked like scorchedĀ earth. Asking a few people, it hadn’t rained in months – maybe a bit before the hurricane blew through and maybe a bit after, but literally no rain. The leaves on the trees weren’t brown and coloured due to it being November – they were just dead. The grass was beyond crunchy and hard as a rock.

Alabama. Fun. I got to see friends, ate at a great new little quick Mexican restaurant with sangria and made several huge Target runs, then back to Atlanta and home. Oh, there was a bit of an election thing that happened on Tuesday too. Somehow, I managed to survive the entire trip with no jet-lag until I got back! Unfortunately, I’ve been paying for it for 2 days now. But the dogs are glad to have me home.


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