Quick Trip (an ode to Target)

The quick trip I don’t want to take. Ugh. Packing for a week to visit friends in the US – and basically to renew my driver’s license. (In the US, most states have driver’s licenses that expire and have to be renewed every 4-10 years depending on the state. Mine expired back in August and I need it renewed ASAP to prevent having to retake the stupid test again.) Weirdly, I’ll also be there for the elections and well…yeah, what can you say about that?

So, what to pack for 3 days in South Carolina to see friends and run greyhounds then a 6hr drive over to Alabama to visit more friends, check on my storage, deal with the driver’s license office and come home? Boots, heavy coat and rain gear for South Carolina – check. Gifts for everyone (aka lots of Cadbury chocolates) – check. Nice clothes for running all over Alabama – check. (Plus I need to look semi-decent for that new DL photo, right?) Ugh.



Artwork available at various Target locations and Target.com


One main stop on my list is Target! I’m a Target devotee, and really I don’t know anyone in the US who isn’t. I used to have their app on my phone for Cartwheel (a daily discount app that would give you an extra 5% off your purchases) & religiously used my Target card for all purchases (again, additional savings if taken directly out of your bank account)! Sadly, one of the things I miss the most about being in the UK is Target. *cue tiny violins*

Homeware, stuff, groceries, clothing (including fabulous designer collaborations over the years), cool cosmetics like Pacifica, Pixie, and now Beauty Counter, plus 101 things you didn’t know you needed. Their in-house brand, Up & Up, is great for all sorts of household and personal care products too. For those of us in the UK who need their Target fix, they now partner with BorderFree to ship items with customs duty/fees included (bummer that not all items on their website are included, and as most online shopping, some items are available in-store only)

I can honestly say 99.9% of the time there wasn’t a day I left that store without spending $100. No, I take that back. There was one time I left spending only $30 or so and buying *exactly* what was on my list. I wish I had room in my suitcase to bring back home decor from Target – it’s always excellent for seasonal and basics (and even better on sale). But there will be room for some dark chocolate Reeses Peanut Butter Cups for a dear friend here who’s addicted. Wish me luck!


This is not sponsored by Target in any way – I just happen to love shopping there! All photos were taken from the Target.com website and belong to them with all that legal stuff associated with the same.

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