City Techie


I am not the most technology proficient person, but I do pretty well in a pinch. At times, I’m surprised I’m doing ok with this blog!

That being said, one thing over the last five years or so has been all of the FREE classes and workshops offered by the Apple Store.  The Apple Store in Bellevue (Washington) was my BFF for about 2 years and now, living half way between Cambridge and London, I generally go to the Cambridge store for all my needs. It’s much less hassle than trekking into the city unless I’m doing other things that day.

The peeps at the Apple Store have been invaluable in helping me learn how to do all sorts of things – from organising photos to even doing simple stuff like setting up email (which worked a bit differently than what I’d been used to for years). Sadly, they’ve done away with the one-to-one program, but I still sign up for workshops that interest me! It is FREE! Recently I’ve learned how to use Pages (Apple’s version of Word) and taken more advanced photo classes in the general workshops.

But the other day, I was looking up something for my dad and found this:


Ghost stories, London, photos = excellent! No other store in London seems to be doing a similar even so this should be fun! Honestly, I don’t know if the Microsoft Stores offer similar programs, but if they do, it’s worth checking out if you use their products over Apple.

Stay tuned…


This post is not sponsored by Apple in any way. They just happen to be my product of choice and I’ve found their workshops very helpful for a beginning/intermediate level user such as myself. All photos have been taken from the Apple UK website & credit belongs to them!

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