I thought I was immune moving to the UK, but I’m not. Clearly, there is a problem in this country that seems to have crept over from the US. Calendars. October comes before December, no? Even the infamous Chicago Tribune newspaper noted this becoming more prevalent!

Well, then what’s up with 90% of stores putting up Christmas decorations before Halloween? It’s a bee in my bonnet. Trying to avoid shops that do this these days is beyond annoying. But I like my holidays one at a time. Typical of ASDA/Walmart, Costco and the like, everyone wants to do it now. Jump on those holiday sales. Even at Waitrose today, the Halloween candy is snuggled right up to the Lindt reindeer. Like a freakin’ Nightmare Before Christmas. *sigh*


The only upside is there are a few big shops left that actually believe in calendars. Nordstrom throughout the US and Selfridges in the UK wait. Nordstrom waits until the day after Thanksgiving to put up its Christmas decorations and Selfridges until November. If you believe in the sanctity of having your holidays one at a time, shop there, and support all of the other local shops in your area that do the same.

Thank you, rant over…



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