More Shoes?

Shoes fall into the same problem as nice expensive cashmere. I need more shoes like I need a hole in my head. I try and buy shoes that are more expensive in hopes they will last for several years and I only have to get them re-soled as needed to save money. Years ago, I spent (what I thought at the time) a ton – probably $200 – on a pair of boots. I literally had them 15 years and only got rid of them last year, when I wore a hole through the leather on the side. I almost cried when I got rid of them! So what do you do when you’re surrounded by new shoes every season?

Boden has a sale for a few more days with 20% off and free shipping. This is what I found:

The black flats with studs remind me of the Chloe Susanna boots turned into a flat; red loafers are classic and should go with everything, but the blue is calling to me…and with such a simple design; the sneakers just seem a tad fancier with the metallic stripe. Yes, another white sneaker (I have 2 different pairs of Stan Smith too) but as styled on the Boden model, they seem just a bit fancier with a good price.

In all honesty, if you work in the city or do a lot of running around, flats and sneakers make your life easier. Heels, barring few exceptions, require cabs or careful planning to avoid cobblestones, hills, and uneven pavement to prevent broken and twisted ankles.



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