La Redoute Finds

Until I moved to the UK, La Redoute was a brand that I only read about in magazines. I didn’t know anyone who shopped there and equated it more to a chic, European version of Old Navy that wasn’t uber trendy like TopShop. When they had their £5 and £10 sale earlier in September, I purchase 2 items – patterned pants/trousers (below) and a basic work friendly button up.


Trousers: La Redoute (R edition); Shoes: Clarks

The big 40% off sale just ended about two weeks ago and I finally received all my purchases! Yeah! (My credit card is silently weeping.) I purchased 2 more of the same summer-weight pants/trousers – one solid and one pattern; jeans; a flannel shirt; and a faux leather jacket that was back in stock in my size. TBH with French sizing, the faux leather jacket is a snug large when wearing a light-weight cashmere sweater/jumper, but I think I can make it work since it only cost £25!

Since we’ve just been thrown into autumn here in the UK, the pants/trousers probably only have a few more random days of wear left, as they’re unlined cotton. But with this fun orange pattern (and the pattern above), pairing them with solid greys, denim/navy, and black should give me lots of options. The solid black pair, albeit a bit heavier fabric, should get *tons* of use, but ARRGGHHHHH! Within 5min of having the black ones on, they were covered in fluff. Dog fluff, lint, my own stray blonde hairs – everything. So, these will require carrying a lint roller at all times. *sigh*

I was impressed with the jeans. Cigarette fit that look great on. I was shocked. And I actually fit into a smaller size (surprise) which, for French sizing, is something to smile about! The flannel is 100% cotton and should collect dog fluff like a champ but it’s still pretty cosy! Overall, I think I purchased some good basic pieces, that for the price, means excellent value per wear!


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