Day Trips

It’s that time of the year! Church Farm in Ardeley was having an open apple fair day to sample apples and all their farm products. The rain was intermittent, but it was a nice day out picking! (The amount actually picked was limited for fear of bringing home more than could be eaten in various dishes.)

The farm also has events where you can feed and visit the animals (pigs, turkeys, chickens,  cows, sheep, etc.), camping, nature walks, and farm experiences.


Baby pigs with their mom; she kept taking the apple pieces away from them

There was easily 50 different varieties of apples on the farm including some that date back to the 1700s  – and all are spray and pesticide free (although not officially certified organic). A handful Bramley apples picked were turned into apple sauce! SO easy.  I had made apple sauce before with my Vitamix, but since it didn’t make the trip to England with me, I cooked them down on the stove. And the result was great. Super tart, tempered with cinnamon. No sugar.


Then Sunday was a drive to Peterborough for the Autumn Festival and Lurcher Show. Apparently, it is the biggest lurcher show in the country with coursing and racing demonstrations as well. Birds of prey, giant vegetables, lurchers on show, draft horses (including little ponies), show jumping, lure coursing, antique cars, rare farm breeds, vendors and more! Plenty of food and hot beverages (tea!) to choose from as well.



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