Easy Peasy Stir Fry

I’m a lazy cook. I’m also a cook who likes pretty simple food that I can make quickly. Living on my own, I also have a habit of not liking to cook for myself – dinner normally results in me making enough for 4 or more people and I have leftovers for several days.

But a go-to dinner I make frequently, mainly because it’s easy and quick, is a pseudo stir fry. Why get takeout that is greasy, gross, full of stuff you don’t need, and costs money you could spend on other things? (Not saying I never get takeout, but I try and save it for things I can’t make at home.)

And the mixture is:

  • Rice or egg noodles (you normally always have one in your cupboard)
  • Egg (scrambled)
  • Mixed vegetables (frozen) or whatever leftover vegetables you have in the refrigerator (broccoli, peppers, peas, carrots, corn, onion, etc.)
  • Chicken, shrimp, beef, pork (normally I always have leftovers in my refrigerator or quickly defrost), tofu if you’re veggie – honestly, I keep a bag of cooked, peeled, and de-veined shrimp in my freezer all the time
  • Seasoning – I have a Chinese 5 spice blend from the grocery store
  • Sauce – Oyster sauce, soy sauce, Nam Pla (fish sauce), Sriracha, Hoisin – I generally use oyster as my main, with Nam Pla, then add soy or Sriracha as needed

Diced chicken breast with shrimp; waiting to add the noodles!

Scramble the eggs first, then add the meat if already cooked and frozen vegetables and sauces. While this is cooking/heating up, if you have a microwave rice cooker, it takes about 12min to cook rice or about 10min to boil noodles on the stove. Either way, once the starch is done, add it to your mixture of eggs, meat, and vegetables. Add more sauce if needed and spices accordingly. Voila! Easy peasy homemade stir-fry in about 15min.



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