Day Trip


This weekend, I took a drive up to Bourton-on-the-Water in the Cotswolds. This was my first trip to the Cotswolds and I was not disappointed! I picked it after seeing a friend’s posts on Instagram and was quite jealous of the stone houses and shops. Sporadic rain showers didn’t stop anyone from visiting on a lovely autumn day weekend. The town also lent itself to being very dog-friendly for walking. Most shops don’t allow pets, but there are plenty of places to sit and eat outside with your dog and plenty seemed to enjoy the fast-moving creek that ran through town! My 3 monsters were left at home as I don’t have a car that is big enough to fit them yet. The big attraction was the Model Village, a Grade II listed site, that is made in 1:9 scale to the village itself circa 1937. My parents and I loved it!

Living in the UK over two years now, I am utterly convinced there is so much to see in this country, I will never see everything (sadly)! On this trip, I didn’t visit any formal heritage sites visited, but I have English Heritage and National Trust memberships that have easily paid for themselves in just a few trips. Personally, I think they are great value for the money and you are contributing to help preserve some of the most beautiful architecture and historic sites in the world. Many sites near me are seasonal and are starting to close, so it gives me plenty of time to explore all sorts of other places around the country. Get out and see what’s around where you live!


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