Tackling the Fluff

Just because I have pets does not mean I want a house that “looks” like I have pets. Especially multiple pets. One would naturally assume that with greyhounds who are naturally thin and have a short, almost non-existent coat, it wouldn’t be a problem, right? Wrong. So wrong! For me, I am constantly battling the fluff.

My dogs (and one in particular) shed constantly. I almost never put away my vacuum. In the US, I had a top of the line Miele. I had a Dyson for awhile too, but got rid of it for the Miele and was SO happy. Why? Fluff. The Miele has bags to contain it. Heavy duty allergen reducing bags. No emptying a container and having dust and errant fluffs re-populate your space. The suction on it was also amazing and got up even the most embedded hairs in fabric.

Then I moved to the UK right before the weird EU vacuum rules came into place. When I went to purchase about two weeks later, I was no longer able to get a vacuum that was loud or sucked up all my stuff. (For those of you not in the EU, there really are laws that say your vacuum has to be so energy efficient and can’t be too loud.) I didn’t think it would make too much of a difference. I ended up purchasing another brand and hated it. Hated. It was fine on hard floor surfaces, but I could get fluff and hair out of carpet easier with my bare hands than with that vacuum. I honestly love to vacuum and this sub-par one made the chore one I actually dreaded because it never gave me the satisfaction of my house looking clean. Finally, several months ago, after much research, I broke down and got another Miele.

If you are in need of a new vacuum to tackle your errant fluffs (or you want a super clean home), you don’t necessarily need one for “dogs and cats” either. What you need is one with an electric brush head (it’s rare in the US to have a vacuum that doesn’t have an electric brush head)!



The Celebration can be found for around £400, but wow, lots of cash, right? The downside is the cord is attached to the hose on the outside, which is a bit of a pain, but hey, it is amazing at cleaning! The updated model from Miele is the Complete Electro Plus C3 at £450! The new model is supposed to be more eco-friendly and energy efficient for the EU, but for me, these things are not as important as having a clean home. I really did not want to spend such a ridiculous amount on a vacuum again, but I was drowning in fluff.

As you read this blog, you’ll learn that I like nice things, but I strongly dislike having to pay full price if it can be avoided. Solution? The Miele Outlet! If you live in the south of England, Miele has an outlet store outside of Oxford. From my house, it was about 1.5-hour drive each way. The trick is to look online, review the stock list (knowing the particular model helps), head out, and buy. I also considered an upright model that also had the electric brush head in case the Celebration one I wanted was no longer available when I arrived. The Miele Outlet does NOT reserve items over the phone and they do not tell you how many of each item they have. They have very limited hours. Knowing that in advance makes a huge difference if you are driving from a considerable distance. (When I went, there was even a guy on his 4th trip buying various appliances for the home he was remodeling and one of the women working said they routinely get people in from as far away as Scotland!)

Anway, I got a “seconds” vacuum, just in a plain box rather than a fancy labeled box, with the same warranty, that didn’t appear to have been used at all. Instead of paying £400, I paid $125! Saving almost £300 was worth the drive. When I got home, I used up an entire bag in about 3 hours vacuuming my bedrooms and stairs multiple times to FINALLY pick up all the fluffs the original vacuum I purchased failed to do. Technically, I also saved an additional £45 – knocking the price down to £80 because I was also able to sell the other vacuum on a local resale site since I had all the manuals, a spare bag, all the attachments, etc.! Bargain!


This post is in no way sponsored by Miele. I simply love my mine and wanted to share it with you! 

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