Day Trip

Several weeks ago, I heard a quick blurb on a morning show about free things to do for the weekend. Loving anything free, I quickly looked up Heritage Open Days and learned about the hundreds of properties, including historic and cultural sites, free to the public 8-11 September! Game on! There were tons of properties near me – many of which I’d never heard of before. 10miles down the road, Old Warden in Bedfordshire had 3 properties managed by the Landmark Trust participating. Landmark Trust makes historic properties available for vacation/holiday rentals at, in my opinion, reasonable rates for long weekend and weekly rates! You just bring your own groceries if you decide to stay. And the bonus – many even allow pets! When you have dogs, it’s hard to find a hotel on vacation that will allow them, let alone some cool historic properties!

Photos (clockwise): Grounds of the Shuttleworth Estate heading up to Queen Anne’s Summerhouse; Queen Anne’s Summerhouse; Warden Abbey; Hare & Hounds Pub (great food with a resident lab); horse cemetery near Queen Anne’s Summerhouse.

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