Bella Freud

Coveting knitwear is a very, very bad habit I have. I routinely (though not necessarily wisely) purchase lots of cashmere and extra fine merino in the end-of-season sales. Who doesn’t like a discount, right? Most of my cashmere in the past has come from JCrew, but I have been known to buy it from Norstrom, Macy’s and others. Last year, I was absolutely blown away by the quality of cashmere at Uniqlo. Sadly, in the US, I didn’t have a Uniqlo location near me so it readily slipped my mind as a place to shop.

Nonetheless, I have been coveting a Bella Freud sweater for a long time now. I love the 1970 sweater but was not 110% convinced on the pink and red colours it came in (and the ones everyone is photographed in online). I do wear pink and red and have both colours in my closet, but I know for that sweater’s price point I wouldn’t get good cost-per-wear value. Enter Alex Stedman (a.k.a. The Frugality) and her event at Bella Freud last week. Alex (not like I really know her personally, aside from meeting her at this and another event last year) has a great sense of affordable, classic, yet trendy style with a mix of designers and price points which I like even more. I was super excited for the event, despite the prospect of trying on sweaters on the last 30c day in the city until next year!

I’ve probably walked past the Bella Freud shop a dozen times in the past but never went in. The shop space is amazing – they even have a little outside garden/patio which I think for any space in London is quite rare. Anyway, I walked away with this little gem, thanks to the generous offer Alex’s event provided:



1970 Rainbow

Filtered via Instagram, the sweater is actually dark blue, not black. I certainly think for the price point, I will get great cost-per-wear out of it. I also went up a size (maybe two sizes?) as I do like my sweaters a bit big/slouchy. The small fit, the medium was better and would have worked, but I opted for the large. In the winter I am generally always cold and have a t-shirt or two, or a buttoned shirt of some sort underneath – so I didn’t want to feel constricted – especially in a sweater I justed dropped a huge chunk of cash on.

Another option at a slightly lower price point is the rainbow cuff sweater at Wyse London because it comes in grey and navy. The grey could still be an option for me…and their Instagram is also hinting at a grey cardigan with pink rainbow trim!

The next step is to keep those white dogs away from it or I’ll never get rid of the fluffs that will magically fuse to the threads!



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