After much contemplation, I finally decided to start a (new) blog. I had a tiny blog, years ago when blog posting was in its infancy and long before Facebook and other social media became popular. It faded after so many changes in my life, but I have decided to revive it here with a new focus and direction. Life changes, right?

So why “covered in dog fluff?” It is, literally, the story of my life at this point. I am always covered in it. I had cats for years, and now, I have greyhounds. Three greyhounds. Specifically, two white greyhounds. White greyhounds that shed more than a Persian cat in July. White greyhounds that leave me constantly battling fluff all over my house and everything I own! All. The. Time.

How do you have nice things when you’re always covered in fluff? How do you try and get dressed in the morning (wearing black or dark clothes) when you’re covered in fluff so embedded it is impossible to remove with a lint roller?

Fluff aside, products here are things I like, love, and actually use. Trips are places I have been and recommend. Clothes and living are things I like, think are practical, or just new adventures and, hopefully, a good value for the money. Food is picky, often simple, generally comforting, mostly healthy, and not at all trendy. There are even days when sustenance is just a sack of liquorice and copious amounts of very strong black tea!

So, grab a cup of your favourite whatever, even while you multi-task on other things, and enjoy…




Left to Right: Angus, Flash, and Ruby


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