Costa Flat White

Thanks to Lucinda over at The London Mummy, I learned that Costa was offering a master class on how to make the perfect flat white! Oddly enough, walking through town last weekend, my mom asked me what exactly a flat white was – and to be honest – I had no clue. I don’t drink coffee. Not. At. All. Nonetheless, when this opportunity came up, we decided to check it out!

While there is a Costa in town, they weren’t offering the class, so off to Stevenage we went! On top of learning about Costa’s processes, we also learned it the UK’s favourite coffee shop and the only one that uses 100% rainforest certified coffee. Mom and I learned how to make a latte, cappuccino, cortado, and of course, the flat white.


A perfect cappuccino – it should also have that coffee ring around the edge of the cup


How strong is your foam? You should be able to balance a spoon on the top of your foam (it will take several minutes for it to break through!

Flat whites only have a 15-second pour and you froth your milk before you make the coffee! The other trick is making sure the temperature of the milk isn’t above 140 (max maybe 150). Why? You’ll burn the milk and/or breakdown the proteins in the milk that can lead to an upset stomach – no fun.

The lovely little leaf pattern takes a steady hand and lots of practice. Mom tried and failed miserably, but she did find her new drink. What did she like specifically? Even though technically it’s a stronger drink than a latte, she thought Costa’s coffee was nice and smooth – not bitter at all.

Thanks to Kiel and the staff at Costa Stevenage Queensway (near the train station) for indulging us after-hours last night!


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